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Stylecraft Yarn, Crochet Yarn and Crochet Hooks


Introducing the new ranges from Stylecraft! We love their new range of super chunky Swift Knit yarn. It's perfect for creating big chunky knits and it really is a Swift Knit! Their inexpensive Special DK range is also fantastic for knitting and crochet projects. Super crochet blogger, Lucy of Attic 24, has created this range with Stylecraft especially for her crochet projects.

Stylecraft Yarn Products

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  1. Stylecraft Special DK Jaffa

    Stylecraft Special DK Jaffa

    SKU: 510268
  2. Stylecraft Special DK Spice

    Stylecraft Special DK Spice

    SKU: 510287
  3. Stylecraft Special DK Apricot

    Stylecraft Special DK Apricot

    SKU: 510278
  4. Stylecraft Swift Knit Pepper Yarn

    Stylecraft Swift Knit Pepper Yarn

    SKU: 510215

    RRP £4.15

    Only £3.79

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4 Item(s)

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