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Rowan Yarns

Rowan Yarn
Rowan Pure Wool Yarn
Rowan Big Wool Colour Yarn
Rowan Brushed Fleece Yarn
Rowan Fazed Tweed Yarn
Knitting Yarns from Patons

Get your Rowan yarns here for unsurpassed knitting wool that deserves its reputation for quality. We are one of the largest Rowan yarn stockists and you may well find the essential ingredient for your next knitting pattern thanks to our diverse selection. We love the NEW Spring/Summer 2014 ranges from Rowan yarns, including Silkystones, Pure Linen and Truesilk - these stunningly beautiful yarns are perfect for those summer knits!

We've got all your Rowan yarns favourites as well. Their Pure Wool 4ply is one of the most robust, hard-wearing yet soft 100% wool yarns available, and you will also find Pure Wool DK here.  Plus, we stock Rowan Cotton GlaceTweed, All Seasons, Purelife Revive, Silk Twist, Wool Cotton, Big Wool, various ranges suitable for baby and kids and much more!

Rowan Yarns Products

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  1. Rowan Truesilk Pattern Collection

    Rowan Truesilk Pattern Collection

    SKU: 502733
  2. Rowan Truesilk Serene 330

    Rowan Truesilk Serene 330

    SKU: 502721
  3. Rowan Truesilk Peace 331

    Rowan Truesilk Peace 331

    SKU: 502722
  4. Rowan Truesilk Whisper 332

    Rowan Truesilk Whisper 332

    SKU: 502723
  1. Rowan Truesilk Hush 333

    Rowan Truesilk Hush 333

    SKU: 502724
  2. Rowan Truesilk Happy 334

    Rowan Truesilk Happy 334

    SKU: 502725
  3. Rowan Truesilk Sugar 335

    Rowan Truesilk Sugar 335

    SKU: 502726
  4. Rowan Truesilk Bliss 336

    Rowan Truesilk Bliss 336

    SKU: 502727
  1. Rowan Truesilk Calm 337

    Rowan Truesilk Calm 337

    SKU: 502728
  2. Rowan Truesilk Joy 338

    Rowan Truesilk Joy 338

    SKU: 502729
  3. Rowan Truesilk Sleep 339

    Rowan Truesilk Sleep 339

    SKU: 502730
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11 Item(s)

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