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Interfacing & Fusibles

Pick up interfacing and fusibles on this page, with a range of sew in and iron on interlining. Effective for adding shape and structure to handmade clothing, if your sewing pattern demands interfacing then it’s easy to pick up here. Sold per metre, all of our interfacing and fusibles are hand cut and sold as one continuous piece for ease of use.

Interfacing & Fusibles Products

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  1. Vilene Iron on Interlining-light white

    Vilene Iron on Interlining-light white

    SKU: 504095
    £3.35 per metre
  2. Vilene Iron-on Interlining-medium white

    Vilene Iron-on Interlining-medium white

    SKU: 504096
    £3.55 per metre
  3. Vilene Iron-on Interlining-firm white

    Vilene Iron-on Interlining-firm white

    SKU: 504097
    £3.99 per metre
  4. Vilene Sew-in Interling- light white

    Vilene Sew-in Interlining: light white

    SKU: 504098
    £2.75 per metre
  1. Vilene Sew-in Interlinining -medium white

    Vilene Sew-in Interlining: medium white

    SKU: 504099
    £3.15 per metre
  2. Vilene  Sew-in Interlining - heavy white

    Vilene Sew-in Interlining - firm white

    SKU: 504100
    £3.60 per metre
  3. Vilene Stitch 'n' Tear Pack

    Vilene Stitch 'n' Tear Pack

    SKU: 504102
  4. Vilene H640 Fusible Fleece

    Vilene H640 Fusible Fleece

    SKU: 504103
    £4.50 per ½ metre
Set Descending Direction

8 Item(s)

per page