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Sewing Patterns

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Sewing Patterns

A lovely selection of quilting patterns and sewing patterns including dressmaking patterns, bag, cushions, toys and more. Don't miss designs by top names including Amy Butler, Heather Bailey and Tanya Whelan. In our collection. With these sewing and stitchcraft patterns you can make excellent casual wear and accessories or even something more special. We also have downloadable patterns on site, so you can get stitching right away! See our range of downloadable sewing patterns here!

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  1. Birdhouse Blossom Picture Project download

    Birdhouse Blossom Picture Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803301
  2. Sweet Rabbit Tea Towel Project download

    Sweet Rabbit Tea Towel Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803308
  3. Hexagon Handbag Project download

    Hexagon Handbag Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803304
  4. Dreaming Tree Journal Project download

    Dreaming Tree Journal Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803302
  1. Striped Tote Bag Project Download

    Striped Tote Bag Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803424
  2. Night Owl Purse Project download

    Night Owl Purse Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803306

    RRP £15.99

    Only £1.99

  3. Garden Delights Table Centre Project download

    Garden Delights Table Centre Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803303
  4. Stitch Little Gifts

    Stitch Little Gifts Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803065
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8 Item(s)

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