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With kits that range from sewing to quilting and needlecraft, you can try something new with ease thanks to Stitch Craft Create. Are you a beginner looking for a complete kit and simple instructions or an advanced stitch craft-er keen on creating something new? There’s something for everyone in our range and our family friendly kits even help little ones to enjoy stitchcraft.

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  1. Mat Beginners Tapestry Kit

    Mat Beginners Tapestry Kit

    SKU: 006249

    RRP £7.25

    Only £4.06

  2. Chloé Beginners Tapestry Kit

    Chloe Beginners Tapestry Kit

    SKU: 006252

    RRP £7.25

    Only £4.02

  3. Megan Beginners Tapestry Kit

    Megan Beginners Tapestry Kit

    SKU: 006254

    RRP £7.25

    Only £4.05

  4. 1st Kit Flowers Longstitch Kit

    Frosty the Snowman Tapestry

    SKU: 701514

    RRP £7.25

    Only £4.18

  1. 1st Kit Nellie Tapestry

    Nellie the Elephant Tapestry

    SKU: 701515

    RRP £7.25

    Only £4.10

Set Descending Direction

5 Item(s)

per page