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What a fascinating range of sewing accessories you’ll manage to accumulate through your stitchcrafting! From embroidery hoops, scissors, lamps snaps and tape measures, we have all the necessities for the perfect sewing kit. Whether you’re replacing a broken tool or looking to set yourself up with a brand new range of sewing implements, you’ll find many of the best accessories you’ll need right here.

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  1. Beechwood Embroidery Hoop 10"

    Beechwood Embroidery Hoop 10"

    SKU: 007972
  2. Beechwood Embroidery Hoop 7"

    Beechwood Embroidery Hoop 7"

    SKU: 007971
  3. Chart Bar Magnifier

    Chart Bar Magnifier

    SKU: 703851
  4. Thread Cutter

    Thread Cutter

    SKU: 703028
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