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Lamps and Magnifiers

Lamps and magnifiers are perfect for stitchcraft of all kinds. Don’t strain your eyes or try to work in poor light, instead simply have a look at our visual aides and not only will your stitchcraft look amazing but you’ll be looking after yourself as well! Ranging from portable to freestanding, keep a close eye on your sewing and stitching with these lamps and magnifiers!

Lamps and Magnifiers Products

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  1. Clip-On Magnifier

    Clip-On Magnifier

    SKU: 002884

    RRP £9.99

    Only £7.99

  2. Mini Clip-On Magnifier

    Mini Clip-On Magnifier

    SKU: 005136
  3. LED Neck Magnifier

    LED Neck Magnifier

    SKU: 702773
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3 Item(s)

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