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  1. Birdhouse Blossom Picture Project download

    Birdhouse Blossom Picture Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803301
  2. Dreaming Tree Journal Project download

    Dreaming Tree Journal Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803302
  3. Garden Delights Table Centre Project download

    Garden Delights Table Centre Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803303
  4. Hexagon Handbag Project download

    Hexagon Handbag Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803304
  1. Night Owl Purse Project download

    Night Owl Purse Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803306

    RRP £15.99

    Only £1.99

  2. Spring Flower Quilt Project download

    Spring Flower Quilt Pattern Download

    SKU: 803307
  3. Sweet Rabbit Tea Towel Project download

    Sweet Rabbit Tea Towel Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803308
  4. Handmade Scandinavian Christmas PDF ebook

    Handmade Scandinavian Christmas Craft eBook

    SKU: 803359
  1. Striped Tote Bag Project Download

    Striped Tote Bag Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803424
Set Ascending Direction

9 Item(s)

per page