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Fabric by Designer


Stitch Craft Create has a selection of beautiful designer sewing fabrics and materials from the likes of  Tilda, Tanya Whelan, Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett, all ideal for dressmaking and quilting. Plus a wide range of sewing patterns and haberdashery supplies to complete your sewing projects. Organise by fabric designers

,colour, price or however you want to find that perfect fabric for your latest designs!

Fabric by Designer Products

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  1. Tula Pink-Salt Water-Sea Debris-Coral

    Tula Pink-Salt Water-Sea Debris-Coral Fabric

    SKU: 501878
    £2.99 per ¼ metre
  2. Tula Pink-Salt Water-Sea Debris-Aqua

    Tula Pink-Salt Water-Sea Debris-Aqua Fabric

    SKU: 501877
    £2.99 per ¼ metre
  3. Tula Pink-Salt Water-Octo Garden-Coral

    Tula Pink-Salt Water-Octo Garden-Coral Fabric

    SKU: 501876
    £2.99 per ¼ metre
  4. Tula Pink-Salt Water-Octo Garden-Aqua

    Tula Pink-Salt Water-Octo Garden-Aqua Fabric

    SKU: 501875
    £2.99 per ¼ metre
  1. Tula Pink-Acacia-Racoon-Sky

    Tula Pink-Acacia-Racoon-Sky Fabric

    SKU: 501870
    £3.25 per ¼ metre
  2. Tula Pink-Acacia-Racoon-Canyon

    Tula Pink-Acacia-Racoon-Canyon Fabric

    SKU: 501869
    £3.25 per ¼ metre
  3. Tula Pink-Acacia-Racoon-Blueberry

    Tula Pink-Acacia-Racoon-Blueberry

    SKU: 501868
    £3.25 each ¼ metre
  4. Tula Pink-Acacia-Humming Bird-Sunset

    Tula Pink-Acacia-Humming Bird-Sunset Fabric

    SKU: 501858
    £3.25 per ¼ metre
  1. Tula Pink-Acacia-Humming Bird-Midnight

    Tula Pink-Acacia-Humming Bird-Midnight Fabric

    SKU: 501857
    £3.25 per ¼ metre
  2. Tula Pink-Acacia-Humming Bird-Honey

    Tula Pink-Acacia-Humming Bird-Honey Fabric

    SKU: 501856
    £3.25 per ¼ metre
  3. Tula Pink-Acacia-Humming Bird-Dusk

    Tula Pink-Acacia-Humming Bird-Dusk

    SKU: 501855
    £3.25 each ¼ metre
Set Descending Direction

11 Item(s)

per page