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Our selection of Tula Pink fabrics are incredibly detailed and feature ornate patterns that demand a second glance.

With designs ranging from small and tight to large and looping, we also have some geometric designs that lend themselves to many styles. Give your latest sewing project some pop with a Tula Pink fabric!

Many of the fabrics are sold by the quarter metre which will be hand-cut in one continuous piece.

Tula Pink Products

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  1. Tula Pink-Salt Water-Sea Debris-Aqua

    Tula Pink-Salt Water-Sea Debris-Aqua Fabric

    SKU: 501877
    £2.99 per ¼ metre
  2. Tula Pink-Salt Water-Sea Debris-Coral

    Tula Pink-Salt Water-Sea Debris-Coral Fabric

    SKU: 501878
    £2.99 per ¼ metre
  3. Tula Pink-Acacia-Pixel Dot-Honey

    Tula Pink-Acacia-Pixel Dot-Honey Fabric

    SKU: 501862
    £3.25 per ¼ metre
Set Descending Direction

3 Item(s)

per page