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Kid's Crafts

Kids Crafts
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Fun ideas to do with kids with Stitch Craft Create. Including Mister Maker, the ultimate arts and crafts show for younger children. Mister Maker himself is an engaging character, he shows children just how it's done, encouraging children everywhere to 'have a go'. These children's art and crafts are a perfect to keep hands and imaginations busy!

Warning: Some items not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts.

Kid's Crafts Products

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  1. All-Occasion Cards With Cricut

    All-Occasion Cards With Cricut

    SKU: 007798

    RRP NZ$21.76

    Only NZ$9.43

  2. I Felt Awesome

    I Felt Awesome

    SKU: 401175

    RRP NZ$25.72

    Only NZ$11.58

  3. Make A Monster

    Make A Monster

    SKU: 005316

    RRP NZ$29.68

    Only NZ$13.84

  4. Nursery Stitch

    Nursery Stitch

    SKU: 005096

    RRP NZ$19.78

    Only NZ$6.57

  1. Sewing for Children

    Sewing for Children

    SKU: 004677

    RRP NZ$29.68

    Only NZ$13.46

  2. Card for Lads & Dads / Tots To Teens

    Card for Lads & Dads / Tots To Teens

    SKU: 003741

    RRP NZ$75.20

    Only NZ$15.80

  3. Paper Scissors Glue

    Paper Scissors Glue

    SKU: 701436

    RRP NZ$25.72

    Only NZ$11.66

  4. My First Quilting Book

    My First Quilting Book

    SKU: 701435

    RRP NZ$19.78

    Only NZ$8.97

  1. My First Baking Book

    My First Baking Book

    SKU: 701434

    RRP NZ$19.78

    Only NZ$8.97

  2. Crochet (Kids Crafts)

    Crochet (Kids Crafts)

    SKU: 703798

    RRP NZ$13.84

    Only NZ$11.86

  3. Freaky Fun Activities

    Freaky Fun Activities

    SKU: 401792

    RRP NZ$19.78

    Only NZ$17.56

  4. Cake Decorating With The Kids

    Cake Decorating with the Kids

    SKU: 401325

    RRP NZ$29.68

    Only NZ$13.37

  1. I Can Quilt

    I Can Quilt

    SKU: 702448

    RRP NZ$11.86

    Only NZ$5.15

  2. I Can Crochet

    I Can Crochet

    SKU: 702450

    RRP NZ$11.86

    Only NZ$5.15

  3. I Can Bead

    I Can Bead

    SKU: 702451

    RRP NZ$11.86

    Only NZ$5.15

  4. Kids Make Christmas

    Kids Make Christmas

    SKU: 401729

    RRP NZ$19.78

    Only NZ$13.23

  1. Cakes to Inspire and Desire

    Cakes to Inspire and Desire

    SKU: 002593

    RRP NZ$29.68

    Only NZ$13.37

  2. I Can Knit

    I Can Knit

    SKU: 702449

    RRP NZ$11.86

    Only NZ$5.15

  3. Christmas Spirit

    Christmas Spirit

    SKU: 005523

    RRP NZ$39.58

    Only NZ$18.16

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19 Item(s)

per page