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Beginner Kits

We have dozens of beginner kits that are perfectly suited to children who want to have a go at crafting. We have simple felt crafts as well as more advanced sewing creations as well as basic cross stitch and tapestry so there’s a lot here for them to get interested in. Make these beginner kits together as a great way to spend the holidays and discover if your child shares your interest in crafting!

Beginner Kits Products


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  1. Enzo Beginners Longstitch Kit

    Enzo Beginners Longstitch Kit

    SKU: 006258

    RRP £7.25

    Only £6.49

  2. Lucus Beginners Longstitch Kit

    Lucus Beginners Longstitch Kit

    SKU: 006256

    RRP £5.95

    Only £2.84

  3. Megan Beginners Tapestry Kit

    Megan Beginners Tapestry Kit

    SKU: 006254

    RRP £7.25

    Only £6.49

  4. Chloé Beginners Tapestry Kit

    Chloe Beginners Tapestry Kit

    SKU: 006252

    RRP £7.25

    Only £6.49

  1. Ruby - Beginners Tapestry Kit

    Ruby - Beginners Tapestry Kit

    SKU: 006251

    RRP £7.25

    Only £6.49

  2. Léo Beginners Tapestry Kit

    Leo Beginners Tapestry Kit

    SKU: 006250

    RRP £7.25

    Only £6.49

  3. Amber Beginners Tapestry Kit

    Amber Beginners Tapestry Kit

    SKU: 006248

    RRP £7.25

    Only £6.49

  4. Anchor Starters - Polly The Palomino

    Anchor Starters - Polly The Palomino

    SKU: 006287

    RRP £12.75

    Only £11.48

  1. Princess Acrylic Beginners Longstitch Kit

    Princess Beginners Long Stitch Kit

    SKU: 006296

    RRP £15.50

    Only £7.27

  2. Jack Beginner's Cross Stitch Kit

    Jack Beginner's Cross Stitch Kit

    SKU: 006240

    RRP £7.25

    Only £6.49


10 Item(s)

per page