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Beginner Kits

We have dozens of beginner kits that are perfectly suited to children who want to have a go at crafting. We have simple felt crafts as well as more advanced sewing creations as well as basic cross stitch and tapestry so there’s a lot here for them to get interested in. Make these beginner kits together as a great way to spend the holidays and discover if your child shares your interest in crafting!

Beginner Kits Products

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  1. Poppy Beginner Cross Stitch Kit

    Poppy Beginner Cross Stitch Kit

    SKU: 700019

    RRP £7.25

    Only £3.82

  2. Panda Begginners Tapestry Kit

    Panda Beginners Tapestry Kit

    SKU: 006661

    RRP £17.95

    Only £10.13

  3. Kitten Begginners Tapestry Kit

    Kitten Beginners Tapestry Kit

    SKU: 006660

    RRP £17.95

    Only £10.05

  4. Tiger Begginners Tapestry Kit

    Tiger Beginners Tapestry Kit

    SKU: 006658

    RRP £17.95

    Only £16.16

  1. Labrador Puppy Begginners Tapestry Kit

    Labrador Puppy Beginners Tapestry Kit

    SKU: 006656

    RRP £17.95

    Only £10.14

  2. Cat Begginners Tapestry Kit

    Cat Beginners Tapestry Kit

    SKU: 006652

    RRP £17.95

    Only £10.14

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6 Item(s)

per page