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Felt is one the most versatile fabrics in the crafting, it's fabulous for making decorations and corsages, or using to embellish any of your craft projects. We have a colourful range of felt rectangles, as well as felting kits and books to inspire you about the felting process. With felting for children as well as home design and fashion for adults, get your own felt now and be amazed about what you can create.

Felting Products

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  1. Wool Felt - Antique White

    Wool Felt - Antique White

    SKU: 702155
  2. Wool Felt - Linen

    Wool Felt - Linen

    SKU: 702156
  3. White Felt Rectangles Pack

    White Felt Rectangles Pack

    SKU: 602744
  4. Felt Rectangles White

    Felt Rectangles White

    SKU: 506008
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