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At Stitch Craft Create we've fallen in love with Decopatch. We want to Decopatch everything from furniture to stationery! At Stitch Craft Create you can get all your Decopatch supplies, from pretty papers and essentials, to fun animals and even starter kits!

Decopatch is so simple and fun, just follow these 4 easy steps:

  • 1. Glue your object
  • 2. Tear paper & pick up with your brush
  • 3. Add to object and brush over the top
  • 4. Brush over with the Aquapro varnish to add a glossy finish

Then stand back and admire your bright, colourful masterpiece!

Decopatch Products

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  1. White flower full symbol to hang

    White Flower Decopatch Symbol

    SKU: 701053

    RRP £2.99

    Only £1.95

  2. White flower full symbol

    White Flower Full Decopatch Symbol

    SKU: 701054

    RRP £2.99

    Only £1.95

  3. White round symbol

    White Round Decopatch Symbol

    SKU: 701055

    RRP £2.99

    Only £1.95

  4. White Heart Shape Full Decopatch Symbol

    White Heart Shape Full Decopatch Symbol

    SKU: 701337

    RRP £2.99

    Only £1.95

  1. Christmas Decopatch Stars

    Christmas Decopatch Stars

    SKU: 701947

    RRP £7.90

    Only £5.26

  2. Christmas Decopatch Baubles

    Christmas Decopatch Baubles

    SKU: 701948
Set Descending Direction

6 Item(s)

per page