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Getting the right utensils and kit is an essential part of any baking. If you’re looking to move into more advanced cake crafting or you simply have worn out some of your older tools then you can get fabulous, professional quality baking utensils on this page. Featuring Kenwood professional products as well as everyday necessities, don’t miss out.

Utensils Products

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  1. 11.5" Palette  Straight Blade Knife

    Sugarcraft Palette Straight Blade Knife (11.5in)

    SKU: 007695

    RRP £7.99

    Only £3.99

  2. Roller Pad

    JEM Roller Pad

    SKU: 700566

    RRP £5.50

    Only £2.80

  3. Pastry Brush

    Pastry Brush

    SKU: 701242

    RRP £7.99

    Only £4.75

  4. Plain Round Cutters

    Plain Round Cutters

    SKU: 702041

    RRP £24.84

    Only £12.45

  1. Plain Square Cutters

    Plain Square Cutters

    SKU: 702045

    RRP £16.06

    Only £8.10

  2. #N/A

    Bake-O-Glide Roll Mat

    SKU: 702198

    RRP £19.99

    Only £10.99

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6 Item(s)

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