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Cupcake Cases

Create attention with these cupcake cases, a quick and easy way to make your cupcakes really distinctive. With a range of styles to choose from, you can pick a cupcake case that is themed, seasonal, ruffled, folded and in several different colours. Perfect for parties and coming in a variety of sets, give your cupcakes a home in our wonderful variety of cupcake cases.

Cupcake Cases Products

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  1. Cath Kidston Cupcake Liners

    Cath Kidston Cupcake Liners

    SKU: 005920

    RRP £9.00

    Only £6.43

  2. Cath Kidston Cupcake Confections

    Cath Kidston Cupcake Confections

    SKU: 702147

    RRP £15.00

    Only £9.38

  3. Teal Ruffled Cupcake Cases

    Teal Ruffled Cupcake Cases

    SKU: 007824

    RRP £5.50

    Only £3.66

  4. Rose Ruffled Cupcake Cases

    Rose Ruffled Cupcake Cases

    SKU: 007826

    RRP £5.50

    Only £3.66

  1. Blue Scalloped Cups

    Blue Scalloped Cups

    SKU: 007712

    RRP £5.50

    Only £4.18

  2. Blue Pleated Cups

    Blue Pleated Cups

    SKU: 007715

    RRP £4.99

    Only £3.92

  3. Yellow Pleated Cups

    Yellow Pleated Cups

    SKU: 007716

    RRP £4.99

    Only £3.92

  4. Purple Pleated Cups

    Purple Pleated Cups

    SKU: 007717

    RRP £5.50

    Only £4.47

  1. Midnight Romance Cupcake Cases

    Midnight Romance Cupcake Cases

    SKU: 007690

    RRP £4.99

    Only £0.98

Set Descending Direction

9 Item(s)

per page