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We’ve no end of homecraft books covering just about every kind of craft you can imagine. Make yourself home décor and accessories through sewing, felting, flower arranging, upcycling and making your own home products from scratch. A brilliant way to save money around the house, have a look at our homecraft books and you'll find yourself inspired to personalise your own living space in no time at all.

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  1. Stitch & Sew Home

    Stitch & Sew Home

    SKU: 401307

    RRP £14.99

    Only £6.75

  2. Handmade Walls

    Handmade Walls

    SKU: 401783

    RRP £16.99

    Only £15.46

  3. Screen Printing at Home

    Screen Printing at Home

    SKU: 401827

    RRP £16.99

    Only £14.68

  4. Faux Taxidermy Knits

    Faux Taxidermy Knits

    SKU: 401887

    RRP £14.99

    Only £10.49

  1. Supermarket Sarah's Wonder Walls

    Supermarket Sarah's Wonder Walls

    SKU: 701936

    RRP £19.99

    Only £9.07

Set Descending Direction

5 Item(s)

per page