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Crochet Books

Our crochet books allow crafters of all abilities to create their own distinctive projects. From traditional designs such as scarves and blankets right through to the daring world of contemporary crochet, you can make stylish and silly stitch crafts to treasure. Whether you’re looking to create a gift for someone or even a gift for yourself, this range of crochet books is sure to inspire you.

Crochet Books Products

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  1. Craft Tree: Crocheted Amigurumi

    Craft Tree: Crocheted Amigurumi

    SKU: 401519

    RRP £9.99

    Only £7.49

  2. Edward's Menagerie

    Edward's Menagerie

    SKU: 401838

    RRP £15.99

    Only £13.82

  3. 500 Toys To Make

    500 Toys To Make

    SKU: 702420

    RRP £9.99

    Only £6.88

  4. Sebastian Le Hamster Crochet

    Sebastian le Hamster Crochet Pattern Download

    SKU: 803033
  1. Huggable Crochet Sheep

    Huggable Crocheted Sheep Crochet Pattern Download

    SKU: 803019
  2. A Hare and a Bear crochet

    A Hare and a Bear Crochet Pattern Download

    SKU: 803037
  3. Cute Crochet eBook Bumper Pack

    Cute Crochet eBook Bumper Pack

    SKU: 860017

    RRP £20.85

    Only £10.42

  4. HUggable Crochet Cow

    Huggable Crocheted Cow Crochet Pattern Download

    SKU: 803018
Set Descending Direction

8 Item(s)

per page