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Download Quilt Patterns

Download Quilt Patterns direct from Stitch Craft Create, from quick and easy Jelly Roll quilt patterns, to more advanced quilt designs and improv quilting techniques! Whether you are a beginner or an expert quiltmaker you're sure to find a new design to try here - browse our huge range of quilt pattern downloads below for designs from top authors, including Pam and Nicky Lintott, Lynette Anderson, Brioni Greenberg, and more! Or stop by our Pattern Downloads store for more great craft projects.

How does it work? It's really simple - add your chosen items to your shopping basket, as you would do normally. Checkout, then follow the instructions on screen. We'll send you a confirmation email for your purhcases and you can download your PDF straight from the email, or from the My Downloads area of your Stitch Craft Create account.

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  1. Friendship Quilt Project Download

    Friendship Quilt Pattern Download

    SKU: 803448
  2. Criss-Cross Patches Project Download

    Criss-Cross Patches Quilt Pattern Download

    SKU: 803371
  3. Circles Squared Project Download

    Circle Squared Quilt Pattern Download

    SKU: 803369
  4. Flower Garden Quilt Project Download

    Flower Garden Quilt Pattern Download

    SKU: 803362
  1. Baby Sampler Project Download

    Baby Sampler Quilt Pattern Download

    SKU: 803309
  2. Spring Flower Quilt Project download

    Spring Flower Quilt Pattern Download

    SKU: 803307
  3. Advent Quilt Sewing Project download

    Advent Quilt Pattern Download

    SKU: 803271

    RRP £5.99

    Only £1.99

  4. Cowslip Country Cushion Sewing Project download

    Cowslip Country Cushion Quilt Pattern Download

    SKU: 803265

    RRP £3.99

    Only £1.99

  1. Flower Bed Quilt Sewing Project download

    Flower Bed Quilt Pattern Download

    SKU: 803264

    RRP £5.99

    Only £1.99

  2. Patchwork Cafe Curtains

    Patchwork Cafe Curtains Quilt Pattern Download

    SKU: 803061
  3. Patchwork Blanket Sewing Project Download 2

    Patchwork Blanket Quilt Pattern Download

    SKU: 803102
  4. Queen Charming Quilt Pattern Download

    Queen Charming Quilt Pattern Download

    SKU: 803968
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