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eBooks - Instant Inspiration

Download your next book straight to your PC, laptop or tablet! We are adding to this section all the time! So check back every week to see what other new or best selling titles we've added to our eBook range!

You can be reading about your next crafty inspiration or be learning a new craft instantly!

Learn how easy it is to download your next book here!

eBooks - Instant Inspiration Products

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  1. The Natural and Handmade Soap Book

    The Natural and Handmade Soap Book with FREE eBook

    SKU: 401911

    RRP £14.99

    Only £12.99

  2. Treat Yourself Natural PDF ebook

    Treat Yourself Natural Craft eBook

    SKU: 803187
  3. Plantain Tincture Project Download

    Plantain Tincture Recipe Download

    SKU: 803332
  4. Nettle and Sorrel Soup Project Download

    Nettle and Sorrel Soup Recipe Download

    SKU: 803333
  1. Horsetail Conditioning Nail Ointment Project Download

    Horsetail Conditioning Nail Ointment Recipe Download

    SKU: 803334
  2. Elderflower Cordial Project Download

    Elderflower Cordial Recipe Download

    SKU: 803335
  3. Infused Calendula Oil Project Download

    Infused Calendula Oil Recipe Download

    SKU: 803336
  4. Crystallized Rose Petals Project Download

    Crystallised Rose Petals Recipe Download

    SKU: 803337
  1. Comfrey Root Gel Project Download

    Comfrey Root Gel Recipe Download

    SKU: 803338
  2. Mint Oil Project Download

    Mint Oil Recipe Download

    SKU: 803339
  3. Rose Hip Syrup Project Download

    Rose Hip Syrup Recipe Download

    SKU: 803340
  4. Hedgerow Spirit Project Download

    Hedgerow Spirit Recipe Download

    SKU: 803341
  1. Conker Skin Toning Ointment Project Download

    Conker Skin Toning Ointment Recipe Download

    SKU: 803342
  2. Chewy Berry Leather Project Download

    Chewy Berry Leather Recipe Download

    SKU: 803343
  3. Elderberry Syrup Project Download

    Elderberry Syrup Recipe Download

    SKU: 803344
  4. Blackberry and Apple Jam Project Download

    Blackberry and Apple Jam Recipe Download

    SKU: 803345
  1. Rowan Jelly Project Download

    Rowan Jelly Recipe Download

    SKU: 803346
  2. Witch Hazel Spot Gel Project Download

    Witch Hazel Spot Gel Recipe Download

    SKU: 803347
  3. Garlic and Onion Expectorant Project Download

    Garlic and Onion Expectorant Recipe Download

    SKU: 803348
  4. Sage, Witch Hazel and Rosemary Oily Skin Toner Project Download

    Sage, Witch Hazel and Rosemary Oily Skin Toner Recipe Download

    SKU: 803349
  1. Chocoloate-Coated Ginger Project Download

    Chocoloate Coated Ginger Recipe Download

    SKU: 803350
  2. Chocolate Lip Gloss Project Download

    Chocolate Lip Gloss Recipe Download

    SKU: 803351
  3. Chamomile Bath Soak Project Download

    Chamomile Bath Soak Recipe Download

    SKU: 803352
  4. Lavender Footbath Project Download

    Lavender Footbath Recipe Download

    SKU: 803353
  1. Lavender Bath Bomb Project Download

    Lavender Bath Bomb Recipe Download

    SKU: 803354
  2. Mint Lip Balm Project Download

    Mint Lip Balm Recipe Download

    SKU: 803355
  3. Orange and Clove Pomander Project Download

    Orange and Clove Pomander Recipe Download

    SKU: 803356
  4. Winter Body Scrub Project Download

    Winter Body Scrub Recipe Download

    SKU: 803357
  1. Relaxing Lavender Bath Salts Project Download

    Relaxing Lavender Bath Salts Recipe Download

    SKU: 803358
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29 Item(s)

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