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eBooks - Instant Inspiration

Download your next book straight to your PC, laptop or tablet! We are adding to this section all the time! So check back every week to see what other new or best selling titles we've added to our eBook range!

You can be reading about your next crafty inspiration or be learning a new craft instantly!

Learn how easy it is to download your next book here!

eBooks - Instant Inspiration Products

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  1. Stitch Style: Country Collection

    Stitch Style: Country Collection with FREE eBook

    SKU: 401916
  2. Stitch Style: Sweet Dreams

    Stitch Style: Sweet Dreams with FREE eBook

    SKU: 401917
  3. Stitch Craft Create: Patchwork & Quilting eBook

    Stitch Craft Create: Patchwork & Quilting eBook

    SKU: 803650

    RRP £0.99

    Only £0.46

  4. The 1718 Coverlet eBook

    The 1718 Coverlet Quilting eBook

    SKU: 803640
  1. Pretty Patchwork Gifts PDF ebook

    Pretty Patchwork Gifts Quilting eBook

    SKU: 803147
  2. Cushions & Quilts PDF ebook

    Cushions and Quilts eBook

    SKU: 803171
  3. Fairytale Pins 'n' Things Project Download

    Fairytale Pins 'n' Things Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803374
  4. Dasher Bathmat Project Download

    Dasher Bathmat Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803372
  1. Sunflower Paddock Pillow Project Download

    Sunflower Paddock Pillow Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803425
  2. Flower Garden Project Download

    Floral Garden Quilt Pattern Download

    SKU: 803375
  3. Stars and Stripes Project Download

    Stars and Stripes Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803386
  4. Square Root Project Download

    Square Root Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803384
  1. Shuriken Project Download

    Shuriken Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803383
  2. Quirky Cube Bag Project Download

    Quirky Cube Bag Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803382
  3. Pretty Pinwheels Project Download

    Pretty Pinwheels Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803381
  4. Merry-Go-Round Project Download

    Merry-Go-Round Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803380
  1. Hexagon Flowers Notebook Project Download

    Hexagon Flowers Notebook Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803378
  2. Chicken Table Centre Project Download

    Chicken Table Centre Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803420
  3. Cheerful Carrier Project Download

    Cheerful Carrier Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803368
  4. Summer Petals Project Download

    Summer Petals Sewing Pattern Download

    SKU: 803387
  1. The Quilter's Bible: Patchwork PDF ebook

    The Quilter's Bible: Patchwork Quilting eBook

    SKU: 803254
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21 Item(s)

per page